Control Engineering, Sensors and Instrumentation

Control Engineering, Sensors and Instrumentation

Effective, safe and practical Control Engineering teaching

Control is an essential feature of modern engineering systems. Aircraft, motor vehicles, shipping, production lines, oil refineries, manufacturing and domestic equipment all depend on control systems and sensors. Engineers need an understanding of modern control engineering principles, based on a solid foundation of theoretical and practical training. TecQuipment’s Control Engineering range offers a wide selection of innovative and well-proven equipment, providing reliable, safe and practical solutions to control engineering teaching.

Realistic models and systems

TecQuipment has developed and manufactured control engineering products for many years. Our expertise and understanding of the subject ensures our equipment embodies the most important features of modern control systems. Our products give students both theoretical knowledge and practical experience of how real control systems work and how real processes behave, successfully meeting the training needs of both academia and industry.

For academic and industrial training

Our range encompasses the broadest possible scope of topics: from introducing students to basic control principles, to fault-finding of industrial plants, and to postgraduate research of complex control problems. The wide range of subjects covered includes control strategies and controller design, fuzzy logic, real-time MATLAB®/Simulink® control, process control, digital control and sensors and instrumentation. Much of this equipment uses our powerful educational control software.

Control Engineering Principles

TQ Engineering Teaching Equipment

TecSolutions is proud to offer Aerodynamics Teaching Equipment from TecQuipment specifically designed for teaching while emphasizing ease of use, reliability and safety. Whether used by lecturers to demonstrate aerodynmic basic principles or advanced ideas, or by students for project work, the educational equipment gives valuable hands-on experience. This experience is not always possible or practical with large-scale industrial or complex research facilities.

Digital Control

Aeronautic Products Designed for Education and Training

The PLC Process (CE111) is a compact, self-contained, bench-mounting liquid flow and level process, for use with TecQuipment’s CE123 PLC Trainer and TecQuipment’s PLC Process (CE111) shows students how programmable logic controllers (PLCs) work.

MATLAB and Simulink Control

MATLAB and Simulink Control

The Helicopter Model shows students how to create a controller to control a dynamic, naturally unstable system (a helicopter), the Ball and Plate Apparatus shows students how to control a non-linear, unstable system (a steel ball in a magnetic field) and the Magnetic Levitation Model shows students how to control a non-linear, unstable system (a steel ball in a magnetic field).

Process Control

Engineering Teaching Equipment for Aerodynamics Education

TecQuipment's Process Control Trainer is an educational package that mimics industrial process engineering. The fully integrated, self-contained teaching apparatus gives a comprehensive range of process control experiments, from basic to advanced. Using water as the working fluid, the equipment allows safe, practical experiments on control of flow, liquid level, temperature and pressure. Students can study each of these separately or in combinations.