Solar Energy

Solar Energy Education Supplies

Utilizing Existing Technologies when Teaching Renewable Energy Courses

Although there have been new unique developments in the area of renewable energy, much of the technology used, and other new developments in this area, rely on long-established principles and technologies from areas like mechanical transmissions, aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, structural engineering and control systems. Therefore, many of the products related to renewable energy and future energy programmes fall into our traditional product ranges, such as the turbines in our Fluid Mechanics range.

The products in this range are compatible with TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®) which allows our equipment to connect to a computer to provide accurate real-time data capture..

Solar Energy

Solar Education Training Products

As a long-standing designer and manufacturer of technical teaching products for engineering, TecQuipment recognizes the importance of renewable energy. Therefore, we created this new section to concentrate on unique renewable energy technologies. Initially this concentrates on solar energy, with developments planned for wind and tidal energy.